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Cajun Fried Rice 紐澳良炒飯


  • Choice of protein (chicken beef, pork, ground meat, Andouille sausage, shrimp, crawfish, etc.)

  • "Holy Trinity" (1 green bell pepper, 2 stalks celery, 1 medium onion) diced/chopped

  • Garlic (1-3 cloves, finely minced)

  • Cooking wine (1-2 tbsp)

  • Cooking Oil (3 tbsp)

  • Vegetable or chicken stock (optional ~1 cup)

  • Cooked rice (cooled)

  • Scallions (2-3 julienne/thinly sliced)

  • Cajun Bayou Seasoning (1-2 tbsp/vary)



  1. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over high heat

  2. Precook raw protein. Stir occasionally until fully cooked. Add cooking wine. Remove from pan and set aside

  3. Add additional oil, if necessary, and add celery, onion, and bell pepper to skillet to cook. Stir occasionally about 3-5 minutes or until lightly browned/softened

  4. Add garlic and Cajun Bayou Seasoning. Stir thoroughly

  5. Optional: add stock ~1-2 cups and bring to boil (this is optional if you prefer moist softened fried rice)

  6. Add rice and stir. Add cooked protein back to skillet and stir thoroughly for even distribution. Cover pan to evenly cook throughout, about 2-3 minutes or until rice is fully warmed. Add additional Cajun Bayou seasoning, if necessary, for stronger taste

  7. Turn off heat and add scallions. Stir and serve


Tip: Marinate chicken/shrimp/protein in Cajun Bayou Seasoning for added flavor before cooking

Tip: Great complement to fried shrimp, blackened fish, or any main dish

(*Ingredient measurements  and seasoning should be adjusted based on volume and taste preference.)

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