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Frying Powder

The secret to great fried food is not only the seasoning but the crispy skin that lovingly coats the  exterior and fried to golden goodness. That delicious layer that seems to heightened your senses and beckon you for an extra bite. Forget dull and weak flavorless flour and upgrade to our specially seasoned frying powder. Smell and taste the difference.

台灣香酥炸粉-Taiwan Seasoned Frying Powder

Taiwan Seasoned Frying Powder

Put some munch into your crunch. Our Crispy Frying Powder is perfectely seasoned with garlic and various Asian spices for not only crispiness but a blend of amazing flavors. Forget about using bland bread crumbs and tasteless flour. Taste a world of difference with our signature blend Crispy Frying Powder.

Weight: 3 lbs per bag

Packaging:12 bags per case

海鮮香酥炸粉-Crispy Seafood Frying Powder

Crispy Seafood Frying Powder

Seafood has a unique flavor all by itself and rightfully so it deserves its own specially crafted blend of spices for a light and crispy taste.

This is currently unavailable.

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