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Thank you for your interest. Please check below for answers to some  commonly asked questions.

Image by Victoria Zakharchuk

Can I purchase/order for my home? Do you sell retail?

Sorry, unfortunately we currently only sell wholesale. That means all purchases/orders must be from a business that is licensed and/or registered with a valid state tax ID and/or FEIN, where applicable.

What is the minimum quantity/order?

We cater to all types of businesses and we understand a large volume might not be possible for some small businesses. But since shipping cost is extra, it is recommended to order at least a case (approximately 12-15 bags) for the best value. You are welcome to mix & match certain items (excludes Frying Powders) Please check with us about exceptions. Pricing may also vary based on quantity. Wholesaler/resellers welcome.

How do I place an order and make payment?

Please contact us via our quote request page.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, unfortunately we do not ship internationally.

How do I store the products?

Never store products directly on the floor. Store all food at least 6 inches off the floor to avoid contamination and allow for cleaning. Storage area should be cool, dry and well ventilated. Keep food away from direct sunlight, humidity, heated machinery (example refrigerator/freezer or oven) and moisture.

What is the return policy?

Sorry, unfortunately due to the nature of our products (perishable items), we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on food products. Please review your order carefully. 

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