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Milk Tea Powder 奶茶系列

Savor the smooth, rich, and flavorful combination of aromatic tea and cream. Easy to use powders make creating your favorite milk tea as simple as 1-2-3. Prepare hot, iced, or blended for your perfect cup of tea.


Enjoy the rich silky taste of our gourmet milk teas by simply adding hot water and mix. Pour over ice cubes for iced or blend to create delicious milk tea smoothies. Create traditional favorites or showcase new milk tea flavors for endless business possibilities.


No extensive tea steeping and messy filtering. No lengthy training and waiting. Simply add hot water and/or blend for gourmet quality.


Packaging: 12 bags per case

Weight: 2 lbs per bag

Available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors:


3-in-1 Milk Tea Powder

3-in-1 Green Tea Powder

Almond Milk Tea Powder

Chai Tea Powder

Hong Kong Milk Tea Powder

Mango Milk Tea Powder

Strawberry Milk Tea Powder

Taro Milk Tea Powder

Thai Tea Powder

Thai Green Tea Powder

Specialty Tea Flavors:

Jasmine Green Tea Powder

Wintermelon Tea Powder

Golden Tea Powder

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