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Taiwan Salt & Pepper Chicken 台灣鹽酥雞

Taiwan Salt & Pepper Chicken 台灣鹽酥雞


  • Chicken-skinless and boned removed (dark meat preferable)

  • Black pepper powder

  • Soy sauce (light)

(TIP #1: not too much soy sauce should be added or color of chicken will be too dark)

(TIP #2: taste and color of final product will vary based on soy sauce brand. We recommend light soy sauce with lower sodium)

  • Cooking wine (just a dash: amount vary with meat volume)

  • Salt-pinch or two

  • Egg(s)-relevant to meat volume

  • Garlic-finely minced

  • Sesame oil

  • Sugar-pinch

  • Taiwan Chicken Marinade Powder

(TIP: too much marinade powder will cause the chicken to turn dark when frying)

  • Taiwan Seasoned Frying Powder

  • Taiwan Salt & Pepper Seasoning

(TIP: use a pepper shaker dispenser to store seasoning powder for easy sprinkling)



  1. Cut chicken into small bite size pieces

  2. Add chicken with all above ingredients (except the frying powder and salt & pepper seasoning, these will be used later) and marinate for few hours or overnight for best taste

  3. After proper marinating, evenly coat chicken with Taiwan Seasoned Frying Powder. Avoid coating too much or will clump together

  4. Fry until golden brown (or until internal temperature reaches 165°F)

  5. For authentic Taiwanese street snack flavor, drop one or two basil leaf into fryer with chicken for 5 seconds.

  6. Remove cooked chicken from fryer and place into large stainless steel bowl. Sprinkle some Taiwan Salt & Pepper Seasoning (using shaker) and toss with chicken immediately after frying.


(TIP #1: Do not over fry basil leaf)

(Tip #2: Properly dry basil leaf before adding to fryer or water residue will cause splatter and may become dangerous)

(Tip #3: Try not to over sprinkle or flavor may become too overpowering)


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